Simple Thoughts: The Difference Between Muslim Fiction and Islamic Fiction

The Road Less Read

There’s an important personal distinction that I like being made when talking about fiction with Islamic aspects.

I don’t know about everyone else but to me, there’s two genres…Islamic Fiction and Muslim Fiction.

Personally I wish that I could get that distinction to be made across the board of Muslim readers but alas for now I’ll just hope others share my opinion.

In my opinion, Islamic Fiction is fiction that is just that…Islamic. It’s based in Quran and Sunnah with characters who are struggling against whatever is trying to pull them away from the chance of Jannah. Islamic fiction includes conclusions where a lesson based on Islam has been taught by the time the story has finished. I feel like it’s something that speaks to the reader’s religious sense and brings them closer to Allah, teaches them more about Islam etc etc.

However, Muslim Fiction is something that is for…

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