We publish fiction, poetry, articles, book reviews, and literary opportunities.

We are looking for works that explore the Muslim identity, works that explore Islamic issues or the lives of Muslims.

We want works that linger with the reader long after. We are looking for works where the author write their own Muslim stories.

For stories, we would like realistic representations of imperfect Muslim characters but not works that misrepresent or promote actions contradictory to Islam. Anything relating to Islam will be considered as long as it is done well.

Guidelines for website submissions

We are currently only open for submissions of fiction, poetry and hybrid pieces for our web feature.

  • Story – ( 1000 to 3000 words)
  • Poem – (a sequence or a collection of 3 poems —each poem no more than a page)
  • Hybrid piece – (up to 1500 words)

For those unfamiliar with sequence, a sequence is a long poem that combines shorter pieces by relying on association, juxtaposition, and connection rather than theme or narrative to create an organic poetic whole.

A cross-genre (or hybrid genre) is a genre that blends themes and elements from two or more different genres. Could be prose plus poetry. Poetry plus essay, or poetry, prose and essay. Any work that blends more than one genre is considered an hybrid piece.

We are currently looking at featuring only one writer per month. If your work is accepted for the website feature, you will be asked to send a contributor’s note and also featured in a six-question interview. Send in your best work.

Also, if you send us an amazing work but the web feature schedule has been filled up, we will consider your work for our e-magazine issue.

We have a 7-14 days response time, which is how fast you’ll get a response on if your submission was accepted or not. If it takes longer than that, it’s probably a YES from us!

It’s an open call. There’s no deadline. Accepted works will be scheduled and published on first come first serve basis.

Include a bio of 50-100 words. The Bio should be written in the body of the mail. Submissions should be in doc or docx format and sent to